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[archive] justprompts@lj: Ten resolutions you should make - 12.27.08

from the diary of Shilo Wallace
So STOP READING NOW...that means you, DAD. It's not like I can't tell when the LOCK has been broken!!!


1. Leave the house more often.

2. ...Through the front door.

3. Search for Dad's recipies (he has to keep them somewhere). Learn how to make use of them. Or starve!!

4. Stop taking Throw away medicine pills. Not helping. Maybe then I can, I don't know, have hair. FINALLY.

5. Clean out the attic. (Ugh.) And the rest of the house. (Double ugh.)

6. Spit in Amber Sweet's UGLY FACE.

6. Meet people. Nice people. Actually nice people, not just people pretending to be nice so they can use me.

7. Stop using the piano as a desk. It's not its fault that it was the only thing I had to play with for twelve years. Try playing again. It won't hurt.

8. Don't forget the bugs! :)

9. Tell him Just one more kiss. ♥ One more chance. I can do it. (...Maybe read up on the subject, too. Do it right.) I LOVE HIM. ♥♥♥

10. No surgery. EVER. No matter what.

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